Dana Hardeman

Science Teacher

Educational Biography
Wingate university - Wingate, NC
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry-Business
Grand Canyon University - Phoenix, AZ 
Masters of Education: Curriculum & Instruction Technology

Educational Experience
I taught Algebra I and Chemistry in Virginia for 4 years.  I taught Physical Science at Vance High School from 2006-2009.  I have been at A L Brown since 2009 teaching Chemistry and Physical Science and an adviser for NHS.

Educational Philosophy
"Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game." - Babe Ruth 
It is my goal for students to try something new things without the fear of failing. Chemistry and other sciences can be overwhelming, but also very rewarding.  Students may find new career opportunities they never knew existed without experiencing new science classes. 

What's New?
1) Introduction to matter including physical and chemical changes, significant figures, density calculations
2) Introduction to the mole concept with basic conversions (g to mol, mol to g, mol to atoms, atoms to mol, g to atoms, and atoms to g)
3) Family names and periodic trends
4)Electron configurations and orbital notation
5) Molecular geometry 
6) Naming compounds and writing formulas
7) Writing and balancing chemical equations
8) Stoichiometric calculations with chemical equations
8) Gas Laws (Boyle's, Charles', Dalton's, Ideal, Combined)
9) Solutions
10) Acids and bases
11) Nuclear chemistry
Additional topics include:
Organic chemistry, thermochemistry, kinetics

Honors Chemistry will be required to submit an Honors Portfolio by the end of the semester.

Contact Me
Email: dana.hardeman@kcs.k12.nc.us
Phone: 704-932-6125 ext. 25401

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